Hiring the Right Electronics Professional

When choosing a specialty restoration contractor make sure they have the expertise, knowledge and experience to restore the items properly. Another important factor to consider is a warranty or work guarantee which will provide you and the insured peace of mind on the restored items. It is a misnomer to think fire soot is just another form of dirt that can simply be “wiped off”. Smoke, soot and water can be corrosive to surfaces and can continue to cause damage even after the fire is put out. Certain types of soot bond or adhere to the interior of an article requiring complete disassembly of the item in order to clean and restore the item properly. Cleaning smoke and soot damage from electronics, art and appliances requires learned skillsets, professional cleaning products, and techniques to do the job right. Hiring the right professional will ensure the items are handled and restored properly reducing safety risks and potential long-term health risks.