Warehouse Flood Preparation Tips

Flood Preparation

The Federal Emergency Management Agency says about 40 percent of small businesses close permanently after a natural disaster because even a small amount of floodwater can cause massive damage at commercial and industrial properties. That’s why every company should have a flood plan in place before a disaster strikes. Knowing how to prepare for a flood is even more important if you are located in a flood zone or hurricane territory.

Electronic Restoration Services (ERS) has helped dozens companies get back to work following natural disasters. Through our experiences with these clients, we have also learned a thing or two about getting a large operation flood-ready.

Check out this list of flood preparation tips, and work with your team to develop a solid emergency flood preparation plan that will work for your warehouse.

Tips for Developing Your Flood Plan

  • Establish and routinely test an internal emergency communications system. Many companies have found a mass text system works well to keep staff informed and connected.
  • Install heavy-duty racking that can support parts and inventory on high shelves. Then, determine what materials and inventory need to be moved up, and who will be responsible for moving each section.
  • Find a way to park forklifts and other equipment on elevated surfaces.
  • Be ready to move hazardous materials to higher ground or shelves or take them to a more secure location.
  • If possible, raise electrical outlets, cords, and panels away from ground level so they aren’t submerged during a flood.
  • Have waterproofing measures ready to go, such as watertight door seals and sandbags. Designate staff members who will be responsible for putting these measures in place when flooding begins.
  • Learn how to turn off the electricity, water, and gas supplies at your warehouse. Be ready to do so when flooding is imminent.
  • Make sure your insurance covers flood and hurricane losses.
  • Download the FEMA app on your smartphone to sign up for local weather alerts and browse more tips that will help you prepare for just about any kind of emergency.

After a Warehouse Flood

ERS recovers flood-damaged electrical and electronic equipment every day for homeowners and businesses. From a single house to a large manufacturing plant, our teams help you get back up and running quickly and cost effectively. Many of our clients are surprised to learn that ERS equipment restoration services are a fraction of the cost to replace. You can submit a claim online or call ERS at 866-225-5377 to talk to one of our flood restoration experts today.

If your property has been impacted by a flood, our partners at Art Restoration Technologies (ART) can restore your artwork, books, and photographs. Contact ART online for a consultation or call them at 800-227-0796.