Our Experience Provides A Faster,
Cost-Effective Recovery

Our nationally recognized technical team assesses damage and restores your equipment and data to pre-loss condition or better.

Our state-of-the-art restoration services include removing, restoring, testing, reinstalling electronics and producing comprehensive salvage and restoration reports.

Every hour that your business is interrupted due to a disaster, affects more than your bottom line. Our team of experts in keep your business running during recovery.

Our response time is second to none with multiple locations in the U.S., making us available at any disaster site within hours of our office receives your call.

We can provide data recovery services on all media ranging from internal and external hard drives, RAID systems, digital tape, optical storage and even digital photos.


Though fire is devastating to electronics, smoke & soot damage are equally damaging requiring specialized restoration techniques.


By using state-of-the-art drying techniques our experts recover and restore your water damaged items back to pre-loss condition.

lightning striking behind a building

Our experts test & validate all electronics affected by a lightning strike or power surge ensuring an accurate & cost effective recovery.

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Warranty on all solutions

ERS further separates itself from the competition by offering a warranty on selected restored equipment. The reason we’re able to offer this warranty is because we approach every project, large or small, with certainty and the utmost confidence in our skills. In fact, we won’t take a job unless we are positive that we can see it through to completion.

Find the Nearest ERS Location

With multiple locations throughout the US, we offer national coverage you can count on. We partner with claim adjusters, insurance agents, contractors, and policyholders to arrive at any loss situation within hours.

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