Water Damage

Aerospace Provider

Aerospace case study

Type of Loss:

Flood waters along the eastern coast of Rhode Island flooded a manufacturing plant with four feet of salt water. After receding, the salt water left a path of corrosion throughout the plant. Every piece of equipment had started rusting and many control panels were compromised of destroyed.

Challenges to overcome:

  1. The customer was a just in time (JIT) supplier to the aerospace and jet engine industry.
  2. Their custom equipment had to be back in production in two weeks at a temporary facility.
  3. The customer’s contracted maintenance company was not staffed nor had the level of technical expertise to repair the equipment.
  4. Several pieces of custom high tolerance part testing machines were a total loss and had to be re-engineered.

Mitigation Response:

  1. ERS, Inc., deployed one hundred personnel comprised of: engineers, licensed electricians, licensed HVAC and mechanical technicians.
  2. Performed a plant inspection and evaluation of all equipment. Rust and corrosion inhibitor was applied to over 200 pieces of equipment within the first 24 hours, significantly improving the success of restoration.
  3. Working with customer priorities, we deployed teams of various disciplines to specific pieces of equipment and to entire departments to start restoration. Working under the customer supplied specifications; we started the design and build of several custom test machines.
  4. Successfully restored several thousand manufactured components and specialty tooling that were compromised.


  1. Customer’s temporary facility was up and running in two weeks.
  2. Restored over 200 pieces of equipment including custom manufacturing and test equipment in eight weeks.
  3. Restored or redesigned test and manufacturing equipment met or exceeded customer specifications.
  4. Customer was able to validate all restored product and put back into production.