Disaster Recovery Team

I want to thank you and the ERS team for being a SERVPRO partner. As we travel to several projects in multiple states it has been a pleasure to work with such a professional organization as ERS. SERVPRO has become accustomed to the prompt and highly skilled service received during the fire and water restoration projects we have jointly processed.

ERS has continuously demonstrated the necessary skill set to remove, clean, and restore electronics with impressive data recovery success rates. Their ART Division has also proven to be a valuable asset when the need arises to protect and restore valuable pictures and artwork owned by the client.

The organization of the removal and storage process for documents is second to none. I have witnessed several large projects in court houses, city halls, etc, in which valuable and historic paper had been retrieved from the wet and soot contaminated environments only to be dried, cleaned, and restored.

Thanks again for the continued appreciation we have for our partnership as I look forward to utilizing ERS on upcoming projects in the near future.


Mike Snyder
Disaster Recovery Team